Dragon Genoa Sheet (Long): Machine Tapered

Gottifredi Maffioli

Dragon Genoa Sheet (Long): Machine Tapered

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Dragon Genoa Sheet (Long): Machine Tapered


Upphämtning tillgänglig, vanligtvis redo inom 24 timmar

Tandkullegatan 17B
426 79 Västra Frölunda


This machine-tapered sheet, specifically built by Gottifredi Maffioli for the Dragon class adds grip and performance every ensure a high-performing line. 

Spliced ends and a tapered tail reduces friction while maximising grip for the trimmer, all with an SK99 dyneema to minimise stretch.

Extra length has been added for those who prefer some extra sheet in the boat.

Colour: Blue

Dimensions: 0.9m of 4mm ends, 13.7m of 7.5mm. Overall Length: 15.5m.

Rope: MTS99 Azzurro (Light Blue)

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