På vårt huvudkontor i Göteborg är vi en one stop shop för alla dina seglingsbehov med segeltillverkning, båtbyggar- och riggkapacitet som vi kan erbjuda allt på ett ställe.

De tjänster vi kan erbjuda är:

Segel loft

  • Segel & täckreparationer
  • Anpassade väskor och omslag


  • Anpassade kol- och glasbåtdelar
  • Skrov- och foliereparationer


  • Anpassad riggning av tråd och rep
  • Rep skarvning


At our headquarters in Långedrag, Gothenburg we are a true one stop shop for all your yachting needs with sailmaking, boatbuilding and rigging capabilities - we can provide it all in one location with worldwide shipping possibilities.

In Gothenburg, we have a drop box at Gothenburg Royal Yacht Club (GKSS) where items can be left off for repairs and modifications.  

Seagull Sails services include:

Sail Loft

Sail recuts & modifications

Sail & cover repairs

Custom canvas work 

Bags and accessories 

Boat Building

Custom carbon fibre components

Hull and foil repairs


Custom wire and rope rigging

Rope splicing

Design, 3d printing & machining

We offer bespoke 3d printing and machined parts out of a variety of materials from acetal to titanium

Bring us your concept and we can draw, print and machine your components


With our professional sailing expertise we can help optimise your boat to ensure you are extracting the maximum performance from sail and rig set up to crew work, communication and tactics.

Coaching and campaign management 


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