Cyclops Smarttoggle
Cyclops Smarttoggle
Cyclops Smarttoggle
Cyclops Smarttoggle

Cyclops Marine

Cyclops Smarttoggle

Sale price22 400 SEK
Size:4.5 T

Cyclops’ New Furler Technology

  •  Ensure Optimal Furling Performance Every Time.
  • Hit And Repeat Fast Luff Loads.
  • Adjust Luff Load To Known Targets As Windspeed And Angles Change.
  • Log Loads For Post-Sail Analysis.

Highly Accurate Load Sensing For Non-Structural Furlers

  • Precision designed for low weight, low windage.
  • Factory Calibrated and accurate to +/- 1% of maximum working load.
  • Durable and waterproof beyond IP67.
  • With the latest wireless charging technology, providing 2,000 hours of battery life from a single charge. (Up to 500 days onboard in napping mode).
  • Built-in smartbutton preserves battery life, so that device only stays on when needed.
  • Pair with smartfittings app for logging and analysis.
  • Pair with your smartphone to view live loads and log data for analysis through the free app.
  • Connect to on-board displays via Cyclops Gateway