Professionally finished ropes designed specifically for the loads you see onboard so you can have confidence in reliability and performance.

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Rope orders that include a full reel include a 10% discount. Contact the team directly to order full reels.

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Seagull Sails Gift Card
Seagull Sails Gift Card
Sale priceFrom 250 SEK
Cyclops SmarttuneCyclops Smarttune
Cyclops Smarttune
Sale priceFrom 11 900 SEK
Cyclops SmarttoggleCyclops Smarttoggle
Cyclops Smarttoggle
Sale priceFrom 22 400 SEK
Cyclops SmartlinkCyclops Smartlink
Cyclops Smartlink
Sale priceFrom 13 977 SEK
Ultrasonic Portable Wind SensorUltrasonic Portable Wind Sensor
Ultrasonic Portable Wind Sensor
Sale price6 200 SEK
Small Dyneema reels
Small Dyneema reels
Sale priceFrom 392 SEK
Dyneema DSK99 UltraDyneema DSK99 Ultra
Dyneema DSK99 Ultra
Sale priceFrom 14 SEK

3 colors available

Dyneema Compact 78Dyneema Compact 78
Dyneema Compact 78
Sale priceFrom 9 SEK

4 colors available

Power Sprint 78 Control LinePower Sprint 78 Control Line
Power Sprint 78 Control Line
Sale priceFrom 8 SEK

9 colors available

Sale priceFrom 15 SEK

9 colors available

Bungee ShockcordBungee Shockcord
Bungee Shockcord
Sale priceFrom 6 SEK

1 color available

Chafeguard / CoverChafeguard / Cover
Chafeguard / Cover
Sale priceFrom 47 SEK
Dyneema BungeeDyneema Bungee
Dyneema Bungee
Sale priceFrom 25 SEK

2 colors available

Dragon Spinnaker Halyard with Retrieval Line: Machine-Tapered
Dragon Spinnaker Halyard: Machine-Tapered
Dragon Genoa Sheet (Long): Machine Tapered
Dragon Genoa Sheet: Machine-Tapered
Dragon Spinnaker Sheet: Machine-Tapered
Dragon Mainsheet: Machine-Tapered
Sold out
Dragon Runner Set - Dyneema DSK99 (Above Deck)
Dragon Runner set - Dyneema DSK99 (Below Deck)